1. imagination, creativity, originality; conception, origination, generation, creation, invention, fabrication, formation.
2. mental image, visualization, picture; conception, concept, thought, notion, idea, abstraction, conceptualization; perception, view, opinion, understanding, belief, impression, sentiment, feeling.
3. daydream, reverie, fantasy, fiction, make-believe, fable, myth, unreality; illusion, figment, vision, mirage, hallucination; phantom, phantasm, apparition, ghost, specter, eidolon, chimera.
4. caprice, whim, whimsy, Archaic. megrim, vagary, humor; odd notion, crotchet, kink, Archaic. maggot; quirk, peculiarity, eccentricity.
5. inclination, set, bent, leaning, tendency; predilection, propensity, proclivity, predisposal, predisposedness, disposition; preference, partiality, attraction, liking, fondness, taste, penchant; desire, wish, longing, yearning, hankering, Inf. yen, Sl. itch, Sl. letch.
6. critical judgment, taste, sense, eye, perception, discernment, discrimination.
7. trend, rage, fad, craze, mania, latest thing; style, fashion, Brit. twig, mode, vogue, look.
8. choice, prime, select, quality, grade A, A number 1, the best; custom, special, deluxe, luxury, luxurious, sumptuous, elegant, posh, Sl. classy, Sl. snazzy, Sl. ritzy.
9. ornamental, decorative; decorated, adorned, embellished, embroidered; elaborate, rich, lavish, ornate, baroque, rococo, gingerbread; florid, showy, ostentatious, overdone.
10. whimsical, capricious, flightly, irregular, fanciful. See fanciful(def.1).
11. picture, visualize, envisage, envision, imagine, image, ideate, think, dream, daydream, fantasize; conceive, think up, Inf. dream up, make up, conjure up, Inf. feature.
12. think, suppose, imagine, suspect, surmise, guess, conjecture, infer; presume, assume, take for granted.
13. take a liking to, like, go for, be attracted to; be inclined towards, be prone to, be disposed or predisposed toward, prefer; have a fancy for, have an eye for, have a desire for, have a yen for; hanker after, yearn for, long for, wish for, desire, want, covet; lust after, burn for, Inf. be wild or mad about, Sl. have the hots for, Inf. lech after.

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